Inside the Archive – Old Steampunked Sculptures

I am extremely slow to produce good artistic content, so… I will post more old stuff! Lets take another journey into the ARCHIVE. Some of these sculptures are still in my possession, but most of them are sold to friends and family.  They are made by old computers, wires, fossils and random pieces of junk I have collected over time. I love making them and they love to be made! I hope:-)

Creating these sculptures gives me a justification to collect and keep junk like my old passport, keys and other personal belongings. I hate throwing things out… so I keep them hidden away in my workshop. I will show my workspace in a later post. I have accumulated a lot of junk. So theoretical I can produce hundreds of steampunked sculptures. But we shall not be hasty, shall we now mr. Baggins… NO no no…

I found a lot of old photos of my sculptures. I will soon post some new ones I’m working on. There are three small ones and two big ones:-) The big ones might take a bit more time to finish – because a need more old junk. If you have old laptop keyboards and more wires I would love to have them:-)


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Gravity is always against you. It works your sculptures like it works on tits… Badly. I have come a long way with epoxy resin and super glue, but it never really lasts like for example a CO2 welding. One day I will take up welding (I know how to weld) I just need the machine. And Iron, of course…


[su_quote]Painting is so poetic, while sculpture is more logical and scientific and makes you worry about gravity. – Damien Hirst[/su_quote]


Damn right you are Damien… My sculptures (almost) always have some sort of lighting installed (Except the really small ones). Its more scientific that way! And IT gives my art a function which is nice. It gives you (if you buy them) a very strange lamp. I love lamps! An ARTLAMP!

I have just ordered a product photography tent and some professional photo lights, so the next showreel will be awesome and pro-looking! I have made three promises in this post. 1) I will show my workspace in a later post. 2) I will post new artsy steampunk sculptures, soon:-) 3) Better pictures of the artwork. Good day to you all.