A trinity of Femme fatales 1/3

I have created a series of female/feminine sculptures – and it´s called A Trinity of Femme Fatales. They are still designed in a kind of ugly-aesthetic way, but there can be no doubt. These dangerously seductive ladies will bring insight, danger and renewed lust to your life. There is nothing like being attracted to – and seduced by a well-placed rubble of used hi-tech stuff and epoxy resin. You will want to lick them. Enjoy this new art!

A small reminder: The use of words to describe artwork is completely subjective, and artwork may mean different things to different people. Just as a proclaimer.

She´s an Iphone Lady:

Before the metaphysical art speaks – this sculpture is made by A discarded iPhone 3s, a cooling fan, keys, a stuffed baby crocodile head, led, military jacket heraldry, a turned wooden cup (self-made), epoxy clay & resin and acrylic paint.




Lets talk art! The point, meaning and metaphysical dimension of the work. In other words – what I thought while I was making it. This mixed media garbage sculpture is part of a trio of femme fatal, sometimes called maneaters. It´s a short twisted story of womanhood.

Star Trek, a Croc-Mick-Jagger and a weapon:

This is a gathering of ideal culturally perceived “female” values. In a nutshell. The first thing to make a note off is the hand. She makes a Star Trek, Volcan hand sign: Live long and prosper. That is the word if you’re a nerd/Trekkie – dear reader.

The small male/crocodile dude is a sample of men as a declining breed of the human race. Less educated, drunk, unemployed and filled with violence. This little horny fucker is a tribute to Rolling Stones iconic logo. The big tongue that licks stuff. Sexy croc-Mick horny Jagger is fucking the leg of the lady queen. Or so I thought.

A cross, dress and an iPhone:

The Red Cross: An aid organization that helps people in need and it´s the symbol of humanism. I do believe in humanism, but I was hearing a strange and very angry radio program called Je Suis Jalving. It was intentionally rightwing-biased and 85% fear mongering. You know the Muslim’s are coming to take over the world. ISIS, the califate, illegal migrants are stealing our jobs… and so on. So I placed The Red Cross band on the left arm because the rightwing groups new enemy is the goodness industry… U know like the Nazis (the incarnation of evil in western thought and the 20th century).

The dress made of wood. WTF! Lady Gaga made one out of meat. A lady’s dress must at least be red. Red is the colour of blood, roses, and hot chilis. It’s a very passionate colour. Red can mean anger or desire. BUT Wood. Is a shitty brown colour! Why? It´s all about the ecology, one with nature and love.

What about the iPhone and the air fan (lady hat), you ask? All will be answered in due time.